Saturday, 5 March 2011

Kent County Council is paying £165,000 for an interim manager

The council said it had recruited an outside manager to take on the job after deciding it had no-one with the time or skills to fulfil the role.

The pay package is higher than any of the salaries paid to KCC’s most senior officers, with the exception of managing director Katherine Kerswell.

It has also emerged that more than £40,000 has been spent on consultants brought in to help staff "develop leadership competencies"

My comment: Which rather goes to prove that the current Kent County Council managers are a waste of time, space and money. So why not sack them all and recruit people who can do the job they are paid to do? That is, effectively manage.

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  1. We have plenty in Barnet. Our Deputy Chief Executive and Section 151 Officier is an interim manager and in the three months Sept-Dec he was paid £63,000. In addition we have an assistant commercial director £156,000, and a Resourcing, Performance & Talent Manager on £108,000. Those are just the ones we know about!