Friday, 25 March 2011

IPSA: Part of the problem not part of the solution

Even by the standards of Quangoland the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority offers astonishingly bad value for money. In its first year, 2009/10, its accounts shows it spent £2.9 million.

Its workload was that it 'received, validated and paid over 3,800 claim forms'.

So its budget didn't include the cost of the MPs expenses themselves - just the cost of administering them. Any Human Resources Department of any private company would regard that level of productivity as staggeringly dismal.

The Chairman, Professor Sir Ian Kennedy is paid £700 a day. The Chief Executive Andrew McDonald is paid 'between £105,000 and £109,999' a year. What does he do for the money? Presumably he is too grand to check any of the grubby receipts himself.

The 'Director of Policy' John Sills is paid £85,000-£89,999. IPSA's policy seems to be to go soft on MPS in the hope that MPs will go soft on IPSA. There is also a Director of Communications, etc, etc. They should just employ people to check that the exes are legit.

The farce can't go on. IPSA is part of the problem not part of the solution. Even if MPs were paid an extra £10,000 each on their salaries there would be still be a saving for the taxpayer if IPSA and the MPs expenses were abolished as part of the deal. Until this decisive change is brought in this humiliating mess will continue.

My comment: £2,900,000 to validate 3800 claim forms works out at £763 to validate each claim form. Probably much more than many of the claims. This is typical public sector/quangoland madness. IPSA: More an expensive lapdog than an effective watchdog!

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