Sunday, 27 March 2011

Harrow Council: Let there be light (bulbs on expenses)

A COUNCIL finance expert who claimed the cost of lightbulbs for her home on expenses while being paid a £120,000 salary to cut costs has landed a new job at another town hall on an even fatter salary.

There was mounting anger last night over the wages now being paid to Julie Alderson, with critics claiming the local authority bosses who have hired her for £53,000 a year more than David Cameron is paid must be “crazy”.

While working for Kirklees council in West Yorkshire, Mrs Alderson topped up her pay by claiming an extra £1,000 a month in expenses. Now she is earning £195,600 a year to tell town hall chiefs at Harrow council in London how to trim their bills.

My comment: It appears that most councils don't have councillors with the right skills and enough competence to recruit senior staff. As far as Harrow is concerned they may have been too busy trying to avoid their own council tax? 

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