Monday, 7 March 2011

Expenses watchdog splashes out £293,000 on office furnishings

The new Commons expenses watchdog has spent almost £300,000 of taxpayers' money furnishing its central London offices, it emerged today.The bill for kitting out the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority's HQ included seven chairs which cost £538 each.

There were also 25 cabinets at £2,295 each, 14 "relaxer" loungers at £465 each and 71 seats for visitors at £242 each. The total bill for office furniture since May last year was £293,436.59.

MPs reacted with fury at the figures, which were revealed in Freedom of Information requests by the Politics Home website.

Tory Adam Afriyie, who has led a campaign for the body to be reformed, said the costs were "unnecessarily high".

My comment: 14 "relaxer" loungers at £465 each? Don't they intend doing any work?

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