Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eastbourne DG Hospital under fire after error details withheld

ATTEMPTS to cover up a blunder at Eastbourne DGH have been exposed during an investigation into a baby’s death.

A coroner criticised hospital officials for withholding vital information from him in their reports of baby Jacob Anscombe’s death at an inquest on Thursday (March 10).

He was just hours old when a doctor gave him the wrong injection following a heart attack. He died early next morning on October 21.

The NHS trust which runs the DGH has been forced to apologise for hindering the inquest.

When coroner Alan Craze began his inquiries he discovered witness statements had been altered and mentions of the blunders had been erased.

My comment: Will anyone lose their job for what is a clear attempt to pervert the course of justice? I doubt it because they state “We will do everything it (sic) can to avoid any similar occurrence with regard to information pertaining to any inquest the coroner may hold.” In other words they get away with it because they promised to do everything they can to avoid tampering with evidence in the future.

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