Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ealing council spending £1million making desks smaller at its HQ

Ealing council which is axing hundreds of staff and slashing frontline services is spending £1million making desks smaller at its headquarters.

Councillor Stacey said at least £13million was being lavished on pointless projects. These include spending £5.5million on a new car park in Southall, just yards from an existing one which is never filled to capacity.

A further £3.6million is being spent on upgrading computers and £1million on shaving a foot off the length of desks to squeeze in re-located housing staff.

“You can understand why people are angry and upset,” said Councillor Stacey. “Spending millions on new computers can hardly be a priority when the day care centre is closing. "

“How can you justify the fact that the top three tiers of management, some 98 senior managers, keep their jobs when 400 people are facing redundancy?"

My comment: I bet they don't shave a foot off the senior manager's desks or let others use their oversized offices.

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