Friday, 18 March 2011

Conwy council finds Byron Davies, CEO, guilty of misconduct

The chief executive of Conwy council has been found guilty of misconduct for being overly aggressive towards staff.

Allegations against Byron Davies, 52, were aired at a meeting on Monday, and the minutes were published on Friday. They show the council passed a resolution which found him guilty of misconduct, while the minutes include claims he was rude and abrasive.

Mr Davies, 52, was suspended last March after he was arrested by police investigating an alleged rape. The council chief. from Yelverton, Devon, has been suspended for a further unspecified period while the council looks into other matters.

There is another set of disciplinary matters, and it is alleged that Mr Davies might have misled the council's senior disciplinary committee when he answered the question about whether he had ever been convicted, arrested or investigated for any form of misconduct either in work or out of work in the past.

Mr Davies took up his post at Conwy council in February 2009.

My comment: No doubt they will end up paying him off with a massive amount of taxpayer's money. 

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