Thursday, 17 March 2011

Commissioners take over troubled Anglesey council

LOCAL Government Minister Carl Sargeant yesterday took the unprecedented step of putting Wales’ most troubled council under the direct control of appointed commissioners.

Anglesey Council, beset by warring factions and divisions for several years, has had an interim managing director – who was parachuted in by the Assembly Government – since August 2009.

He told AMs in a statement to the Senedd: “Too many Anglesey councillors are still more concerned with pursuing their own advantage than with meeting the needs of Anglesey’s citizens. This is not democracy – it is the politics of the playground.

I believe that councillors who have operated irresponsibly despite numerous independent inquiries, Ombudsman cases, critical audit reports and a ministerial intervention, have been given enough chances to mend their ways.

My comment: Tip of the Iceberg. Many councillors across the country prefer to play political games or pursue their own advantage rather than serve the residents who elected them. It also rather goes to prove that Ombudsmen and Auditors are not fit for the purpose if councillors can ignore them for years.

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