Friday, 25 March 2011

Chelmsford Borough Council 'rubbish Gestapo' fine nurse £75

A mother condemned council workers as ‘rubbish Gestapo’ yesterday after they threatened her with a criminal record for putting a black sack out next to her full wheelie bin. Two ‘rude and aggressive’ uniformed staff visited Sally Singh last month.

Ignoring her pleas to come back later because her son had been seriously ill all night, they handed her a £75 fine, threatening her with a court appearance and £2,500 penalty if she failed to pay.

On Wednesday it emerged families were being told to remove wheelie bins from streets within hours of binmen emptying them or face a £110 fine. Local Government Minister Bob Neill said at the time families were being ‘hammered’ with bigger fines than shoplifters.

My comment: Hardly a response proportionate to the offence. Being an oldie I remember when the bin men picked up the bin (and any other rubbish) from the back of the house, emptied it in their dust cart, brought the bin back round the back and even put the lid on. Mind you that was back in the days when councils served the public whereas now we are expected to serve the 'Gestapo' councils.

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  1. The bin men should return all bins to within the curtilage of the properties from which they collect. They do not have the right to litter the street or pavement with empty bins; its inconvenient for the disabled, the blind, pushchairs etc. Start photographing the street before and after their visit and send them the photos or put them on Flickr. Make them provide a proper service; you pay for it.