Monday, 14 March 2011

Bournemouth complaints: Majority by councillors against councillors

COUNCILLORS are instigating costly complaints against one another at a time when town halls are cutting services for lack of money.

The majority of official complaints dealt with by Poole’s standards committee come not from irate council tax payers but from one councillor disagreeing with another – and some are costing thousands of pounds to resolve.

Meanwhile, Bournemouth is counting the cost of a 15-month investigation into its deputy leader, which ended with him being cleared by a tribunal following only one hour’s deliberation.

Poole’s problems come at a time when the borough is grassing over expensive display flowerbeds in Poole Park, aiming to save £1.5m in staff costs and raising the eligibility for home care for vulnerable people.

My comment: Councillors using the complaints system to stifle political debate or critiscim?

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