Friday, 25 March 2011

Blaenau Gwent chief Robin Morrison leaves to cut costs

Blaenau Gwent chief executive is to leave his job as part of an ongoing review to cut senior management costs. Robin Morrison will leave the authority at the end of March after a council meeting to "mutually terminate his contract".

His departure means a reduction in the corporate management team from [five?] to four, and a possible saving of £315,000 over five years. Resources director David Waggett has been appointed interim chief executive.

My comment: So why was he recruited in the first place if the council can now do without him? Probably recruited when councils could waste taxpayer's money without accountability on too many fat cat senior staff.

Here are the 2009/10 remuneration packages for Blaenau Gwent senior staff,  Chief Executive - £141,175, Corporate Director Community Services - £123,707, Chief Education Officer  - £77,896, Corporate Director Business Development - £197,057 , Corporate Director Environment - £100,663, Corporate Director Resources  - £100,780.  Total cost of their previously bloated management team £741,248. For more information read the taxpayer's Alliance Rich List (Pages 38/9).

Read the full story from the source BBC News

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