Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Baroness Uddin: Has She Repaid Or Not? That was The Question!

WDTK FOI Q by Captain Bryn Wayt: Knowing that Lady Uddin has been found guilty of claiming public funds to which she was not entitled, has she paid back the amount
found liable for recovery, i.e. £125,349.10?

WDTK FOI A from Alex Daybank, Information Compliance Manager, House of Lords: I am writing in response to your request for information which was transferred to the House of Lords administration by the Leader's Office on 1 February. I can confirm that the House of Lords administration has not yet received a payment from Baroness Uddin.

Annotation on the WDTK wesbite by Captain Bryn Wayt. "Uddin belongs to the same club as Mrs Goudie.  Goudie raked in £250,000 but was let off the hook by paying back just £5000. A mockery of justice at the soul of our laws."

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