Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Barnet Council vs The People

Posted by Rog T on Barnet Eye: If you wanted to know just how out of touch Barnet Council are with the people, watch this video. In it, Councillor Hugh Rayner, chair of the Business overview and scrutiny committee rudely barks at the Barnet Eye for having the audicity to try and make the functions of the committee more accessble. I was filming because I was asked if I could video the work of the committee in relation to Sheltered Housing for a Housebound "victim" of the warden cut. Unlike our councillors, I believe that such people have a right of participation.

If you listen carefully to the comment from the lady who advises Rayner, she says that no motion has been passed allowing recording of meetings. Sadly she clearly doesn't understand the principle of English law that you can do anything you like so long as it isn't banned. More proof of Stalinism at the Council.

My comment: You are right, the lady who offers the advice doesn't know the law. Must be part of Barnet's legal department!

Read the full story and watch the video from the source Barnet Eye (Scroll down)

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