Friday, 18 March 2011

Council rip out kiddies' playground and replace it with a WALL.

COUNCIL workmen ripped out a park's kiddies' playground - and replaced it with a 6ft BRICK WALL.

Officials told stunned residents there was no cash left for new swings, a slide and climbing frame at Shepley Wood. They said kids could practise football by kicking a ball against the wall instead.

Angry Eileen Pritchard said: "All youngsters will do is cover it with graffiti, climb on it - then fall off and hurt themselves." Cllr Kevin Welsh, from the Labour-run Audenshaw council in Greater Manchester, said: "Funding was slashed so we built a 'kick wall'."

My comment: Another, 'you can't make this sort of nonsense up' story. Are the councillors not worried that residents may line them up against the wall for crimes against common sense? Maybe the council should also do this thus completing their exercise in stupidity. To see how much money this council wastes on its senior staff download the Town Hall Rich List (PDF) from the taxpayer's Alliance and read page 276.

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Best comment from another article about the wall in the  Manchester Evening News comes from Rambo, "I phoned the council about this, but is like talking to a brick wall!"

Update: My FOI request on the 18th March 2011 for more information.

Their visit to my blog on the 21st March 2011.

And a longer visit on March 22nd to read this particular post.

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