Monday, 28 March 2011

Another MP not fit for purpose?

Police called and hours of CCTV footage scanned after ‘union men’ walk off with half a bottle of Labour MP’s £14 wine.

A Labour MP has been accused of wasting police time after he summoned an officer and two security guards to investigate the theft of half a bottle of wine from a Commons bar. 

Dunfermline MP Thomas Docherty claims two men, believed to be union activists, walked off with the unfinished £14 bottle of chardonnay.

Even though the bottle was later returned to him, the men disappeared and Mr Docherty demanded they be apprehended.

Mr Docherty was later taken to one side by two fellow Labour MPs who told him ‘to stop making a mountain out of a molehill’.

My comment: There's plonk and there's plonkers. Would the police turn up if I reported that some one had stolen my half finished pint? I think not. Why do the police allow MPs and Councillors to waste their time whilst refusing to turn up when citizens reports more serious crimes. Furthermore, I wonder if he bought the wine on expenses?

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