Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Andrea Hill, Suffolk County Council Ice queen

Andrea Hill’s enormous salary and lifestyle as a council boss has caused national outrage – and her home isn’t even in the county she runs.

Council taxpayers in Suffolk are funding one of the nation’s most expensive county council chief executives. In an area of the country where the average salary is about £23,000 a year Andrea Hill is pocketing £218,000. That is £76,000 more than the Prime Minister receives and would pay for all the county’s crossing patrols for an entire year with plenty of cash left over to buy new library books.

Under her control Suffolk County Council was criticised for spending more than £6,000 on team-building exercises. The training included chocolate-making lessons, drumming, singing and rope walks. Later £12,000 was paid to “development guru” Sol Davidson for 23 sessions with Hill. He is described as an expert in “leading on the edge of chaos”.

Then there was an outcry when it emerged that a photographer had been commissioned to produce makeover- style portraits of the council chief. The bill showed that more than £1,400 was paid for “Andrea Hill photos”. Her constantly-evolving hairstyle became a source of fascination, changing from auburn tints to soft curls and short crop. Hill also raised eyebrows by turning up clutching a £1,300 Prada handbag to officially welcome Prince Charles and Camilla to Suffolk. Her insistence that her first name is pronounced “Arn-drea” has become a joke among staff. In her last post Hill was nicknamed “the Ice Queen”. 

My comment: For more info about the Photos. The good citizens of Suffolk should vote out the elected representatives who made the CEO recruitment and training decisions. If they are daft enough to pay over the odds for someone who then needs training they are clearly not fit for purpose. The fact that Suffolk County Council leader Jeremy Pembroke has also been to life guru Sol Davidson for lessons in 'leadership development' may explain a lot. 

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