Saturday, 19 March 2011

£218K Council fat cat gets £1400 makeover and we pay for it!

FAT CAT council boss Andrea Hill was accused of “shocking vanity” yesterday after spending £1,474 of taxpayers’ cash on a glamorous new official photograph.

Ms Hill, who is paid £218,000 a year – £75,000 more than the Prime Minister, had the picture taken for the brochures and website of Suffolk county council.

The photoshoot came weeks after it emerged that the 46-year-old chief executive had “leadership coaching” sessions costing £14,000.

My comment: The Council also contributed to her pension which elevated her remuneration for the year to £267,775. When will this madness stop? In addition why would you employ a leader that costs £267,775 a year who needed leadership training?  

Click here to see one of the £1,474.74p set of pictures.

And here to see two more that look more appropriate for someone joining a dating agency than the Chief Executive of a Council. UPDATE: Pictures have now been removed!

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Touched a nerve? Suffolk County Council Google searched for "daily mail andrea hill photo shoot" and ended up visiting my blog at 1.44pm on the 22nd March 2011.

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