Friday, 11 March 2011

£110 fine if you leave empty wheelie bin out longer than 12 hours

Families have been told they must take their wheelie bins off the streets within hours of the binmen visiting – or they will pay a £110 fine.

The warning is the latest draconian punishment in a long list of fines already handed out to households for breaking bin rules.

Until now bin police have targeted families mainly for putting their bins out too soon before dustcarts arrive, for overfilling their bins so that the lids cannot be shut, or for leaving out extra bags of rubbish alongside them.

But Durham County Council has declared that households now have only 12 hours to take their bins back off the street after they have been emptied. Failure to do so will be met with a £110 fine.

Local Government Minister Bob Neill said: ‘This is the legacy of Labour’s bin bureaucrats. 'It is totally disgraceful and disproportionate that clipboard-wielding officials are hammering hardworking families who leave their bins out with bigger fines than shoplifters. ‘We will be setting out plans shortly to rein in town hall bin snoopers and end this crazy practice.’ 

My comment: Well they have to finance their senior officer's fat cat salaries somehow!

Read the full story from the source Mail Online 

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