Monday, 7 February 2011

Woking Borough Council's secret plans kept from their leader

From a blog by Will Forster.

The local Lib Dems and I recently brought to light a shocking plan by a company owned by Conservative run Woking Borough Council to buy Rydens Way for housing development.

Councillor Richard Wilson, Woking’s Head of Housing and Councillor Simon Bellord - the Councillor for Mayford and Sutton Green knew about these plans from June, but didn’t tell anyone. I want to know why. Was it they needed to sign the deal first, before common sense stopped the deal? Do they not trust their fellow Conservative Councillors? Or did they not think they should ask about spending millions of pounds of taxpayers money on a controversial development?  

Also -how can the Leader of the Council be allowed to continue to run an organisation, when he didn’t notice that over £9 million had been spent under his nose?

[My comment: Obviously the leader was not part of the cabal.]

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