Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wirral councillors show we aren't in it together

IN response to my recent challenge in The Globe for councillors to reduce payments to themselves by 25 per cent, thus saving more than £200,000 a year and enabling them to prove that "we are all in it together", the council leader has announced instead a derisory cut of just five per cent.

That's less than £10 a week off the standard attendance allowance for each councillor. 

Meanwhile, 1,200 council jobs are going, just to put the whole thing into perspective.

Unfortunately, none of our 66 elected representatives seem prepared to enter into a genuine debate about just how much they think they are worth, engaging instead in the usual gesture politics as illustrated by their massive 5% personal sacrifice.

My comment: One rule for them and one for others. Where have we heard that before?  Oh yes, from MPs during the MPs expense scandal.

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