Friday, 11 February 2011

Who's policing the police's criminal spending?

Criminal spending Number 1: Northumbria Police Authority have taken insensitivity to a whole new level by installing a £50,000 public artwork outside their spanking new headquarters – on the same day they told staff that 450 jobs are being axed.

The steel and glass sculpture was winched into place last week just as support staff were being told that their jobs were at risk.

The artwork, which is described as “looking like a ball-bearing inside a hula hoop”, is part of the new £27 million Northumbria Police headquarters and, according to the Mail on Sunday, the Police Authority chair, Mick Henry, believes the sculpture will give pleasure to the local community.

My comment: What's a load of balls!

Read the full story from the source Taxpayer's Alliance

Criminal spending Number 2: Police forces across the country have spent thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers’ cash to produce an extensive manual on how to ride a bike.

It’s important that police officers are well prepared for crime fighting but this guide is a silly waste of time and money. There’s advice to wear lip balm, on how to avoid a sore bottom and “DO NOT PUT YOUR FEET DOWN TO SLOW DOWN YOUR CYCLE.”

Daily Telegraph asked “are police really that stupid?” and also said “No wonder the police don’t have the time to catch criminals any more: they’re too busy reading the manual.”

My comment: The person who thought this up should have a sore bottom through having their arse kicked.

Read the full story from the source Taxpayer's Alliance

My comment: Wasting public money like this should be an arrestable  offence!

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