Friday, 18 February 2011

Tameside Council Spend £5,000 on training staff how to walk

Tameside Council has forked out £4,995 on training and leaflets for staff and councillors giving them guidance and tips on how to walk as part of the council’s wellbeing strategy. The scheme was carried out by a private company named Urbanwalks which also carries out work for other public sector organisations. For £4,935, Urbanwalks carried out a risk assessment along with the mapping of six local walking routes for staff and 5,500 leaflets to be printed for each member of staff.

Tameside Council states that the funding came from cash for the council’s ‘Older People’s Project.’ This is a disgrace as the money should have gone on providing care for the elderly, not on some self-serving pet project for staff wellbeing.

My comment: First the police wasting money on training officers how to ride a bike and now Tameside Council training staff how to walk.  Tameside even have the audacity to rob from their elderly residents to do it. And lie in response to an FOI request about who the training was for.

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