Monday, 14 February 2011

Pickles delivers attack on top pay

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has delivered another trenchant criticism of the pay of chief executives, calling for them to ‘show leadership and personal commitment to protecting front line services’, by taking a pay cut.

SPIN ALERT! Whilst Richard Kemp, vice-chairman of the Local Government Association, said running local authorities was ‘significantly more complicated than running a private company’, citing the example of Baby P and attracting business as two polar examples of council working.Spin ale

My comment: Baby P is an example of senior officers not being up to the job even though they are paid much more that they are worth. Private companies have to generate money they can't rely on the taxpayer to bail them out and fund fat cat salaries. 

MAJOR SPIN ALERT! He said: ‘Most council executives are worth what they are paid.’

My comment: Oh no they're not!

Read the full story from the biased source Local Gov 

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