Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mum wins discrimination battle against Enfield Council

A MOTHER whose son who was kicked out primary school because his teachers refused to accept he had a learning disability has said she has lost all faith in the system.

She said: "I was threatened by a representative from Enfield Council's behaviour support service that if I didn't agree for Zak to be moved to a school of their choice, they would have the power to put him there with or without my permission. He said that if I didn't cooperate the local authority would take me to court for non-attendance.

Mrs Marquand then took her case to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal (SENDIST) who ruled their son had been unfairly discriminated against.

They criticised the school for placing him at a "serious disadvantage" by depriving him of his education and by failing to have him assessed and provided with an official statement of his disability.

My comment: Good job she didn't use the discredited Local Government Ombudsman because they would more than likely have backed Enfield. 

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