Thursday, 17 February 2011

Leading Lancashire Tory councillor rejects allowances cut

A LEADING councillor has rejected a cut in his allowances, saying: “I still have to live”.

Peter Britcliffe was paid more than £43,000 last year for his roles on Hyndburn Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Fire Authority.

Preston councillor Mark Jewell accidentally copied all 84 county councillors into an email meant for his Liberal Democrat colleagues.

In it, he proposed a 3.6per cent cut in the allowances paid to county councillors, writing: “This is the average amount by which budgets are being reduced across the patch.

Coun Britcliffe, the leader of Hyndburn Borough Council, who replied: “Cant see the point in symbolic gestures ... I still have to live”.

Asked about the comment yesterday, Coun Britcliffe said “I work very hard as a politician full-time. We are making a gesture by not taking an increase in our allowances.”

My comment: So the coalition slogan "We are all in this together" needs to be changed to "We are all in this except Councillor Britcliffe". Citizens of Lancashire remember this when the next election comes around. 

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