Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fantasy world of local government is about to come crashing down

Haringey, rated the worst council in London by the Audit Commission. The local Pravda, Haringey People, this month warns that services will be “slashed”, and council leader Cllr Kober has said: “The government cuts are a hammer blow to the people of Haringey, particularly when we are already one of the most deprived boroughs in the country.” And yet the council’s “CEO”, Kevin Crompton, is on £189,440 a year, an increase of £6,855 from his predecessor, and not only more than the PM but not that far off from the President of the United States, who takes home £245,000. Bear in mind that the median wage in Haringey is £19,800.

And like many councils up and down the country, they have spent the last few years in a fantasy world of extravagant spending, in Haringey’s case on its high salaries, a £2 million website and a £1 million-a-year PR team that employs 28 people. Councils are protected by the absurdity of the local government system, in which three quarters of revenue comes from central government, and where most people vote tribally for political parties. This makes many councils one-party states.

My comment: What reason is there for public authorities to have PR team except to spin the truth and hide the fact they are doing a bad job. Is there a correlation? The worse the authority the larger their spin factory.

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