Saturday, 26 February 2011

Exeter Council officer forged parking documents

A motorist has spoken of his disbelief after an Exeter City Council official escaped with a slap on the wrist after admitting forging documents in a parking dispute.

Geoffrey Urwin, 43, who worked at Exeter City Council as a parking support team leader, doctored a map that was presented to a traffic penalty tribunal after motorist Peter Harry appealed against a ticket he had been given.

Urwin, of Oxford Road, St James, Exeter, pleaded guilty to a charge of wilful misconduct at Exeter Crown Court on Friday and was given an absolute discharge by Judge Graham Cottle, the Recorder of Exeter.

My comment: He isn't the first council officer to forge or doctor documents and he won't be the last. Especially since the stupid judge in this case gave him an absolute discharge. A judge who has a zero tolerance for drunks but obviously a very high tolerance for people who are guilty of wilful misconduct in public office.

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