Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Damning NHS report must be the last

ONCE again we [Oxford Mail] are reporting failures at our main hospitals.

Surely the NHS of the 21st century can do better, show more caring, compassion and pride in its work.

The case highlighted by ombudsman Ann Abraham is, frankly, shocking.

My comment: Yes it is but it also highlights the real problem which isn't the problem reported by the Oxford Mail, for that is merely a symptom. Why should any public authority improve if the worst thing that happens is that an Ombudsman, or other Watchdog, produces a report? We need Watchdogs with the ability to kick the arses of public authority CEOs. Not produce reports that are forgotten about within weeks after the payment of a pathetic amount of compensation. Remember Victoria Climbie only to be followed a few years later by Baby P? Remember the NHS scandals of the past? 

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