Monday, 21 February 2011

Devon councillors quaff wine before a crunch meeting to axe £55m of services

Several councillors drank bottles of wine and one was even seen to raise his glass and said 'cheers' to toast angry protesters who had gathered outside.

The councillors then entered the chamber at County Hall in Exeter, Devon, to thrash out massive cuts to public services.

Councillors admitted they drank bottles of red and white wine before the meeting as part of a 'wine club' which regularly sees members meet to drink.

'For people to be drinking before making a decision which affects the lives of so many people simply isn't right. It was extremely insensitive.' 

Councillor Jill Owen, Labour member for Priory and St Leonard's in Exeter, said toasting the crowd with a wine glass was 'tactless'.

My comment: Bottoms up councillors. Get ready for a right rogering at the next election. 

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