Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The councillor who claims £118,000 in allowances

The best-paid councillor in the country rakes in £118,000 a year in allowances, it was revealed yesterday.

And Steve O’Connell – whose six-figure pay is funded by taxpayers through three public bodies – said: ‘I’m worth it.’

The Daily Mail revealed yesterday that local councillors’ allowances are costing taxpayers more than £200million a year. 

My comment: Stop the gravy train I want to get on!

Mr O’Connell, a former bank worker who is now a councillor in Croydon, said the scale of his allowances was a matter for the voters.

My comment: Bet the voters didn't even know how much he was trousering until now. I suggest the electorate vote him out at the earliest opportunity. 

Local Government Minister Grant Shapps said the idea of ‘professionalised councillors’ wasn’t what the public wanted. ‘We’re going to blow the door open, make sure the public knows exactly what’s going on,’ he said.

My comment: I think you need to blow the bloody doors off! 

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